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Deep Learning job Interviews book and coaching
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Deep Learning Interviews

Are Deep Learning Interview Questions Stopping You From Getting The Job? Interviews AI has helped numerous scientists get the jobs they really wanted.

deep learning interviews


Got plans to venture into the field of Deep Learning? Or put another way, are you looking to pursue a rewarding career in Data Science? If yes, you're in luck — everything from Deep learning to Artificial intelligence is huge right now. According to a report from Indeed, the demand for machine learning engineers has skyrocketed in the past three years, primarily because of the development and adoption of AI across several different industries. Essentially Deep Learning professionals are high in demand and they also happen to be among the highest-paid in companies around the world (chiefly the US and the UK). With this in mind, it's apparent that a successful career in Deep Learning can turn out to be a very remarkable achievement in one's life.

But of course, at this point, the big question is; how exactly can you sail through the all-important Deep Learning interview? Deep Learning libraries are so good that little interaction with the researcher is needed to get a properly running machine learning pipeline working. But this is where many people end their quest for artificial intelligence knowledge and pronounce that they are Data Scientists. And then they start interviewing. And here is usually the end of the story, repeatedly being rejected by interviewers.

Yes, as a an engineer, chances are you already have extensive knowledge in the field of applied mathematics, computer science, statistics and economics (all of which are an incredible advantage in this regard). But at the same time, it's still crucial to hone your skills in Deep Learning before applying for your dream job. Generally speaking, when applying for machine learning jobs, you're likely to come across a wide array of questions (with varying difficulty) in the course of the interview. This is precisely why you need all the help you can get!

So, what resource can assist you in cracking your upcoming Deep Learning job interview? Well, first off, it's possible to set eyes on a few basic questions and answers while surfing the web (this is perfectly normal). But in most cases, you'll need something that offers a lot more.

What could this be?

Just enter "Deep Learning Job Interviews" — the ultimate book to help you land your dream job.

Written based on years of research and personal experience, this book is home to a total of 250 fully solved questions (all of which are relevant to any deep learning interview you're likely to come across). It's basically one of the most comprehensive books that contain just about every term in Data Science and Deep Learning with a primary focus on Computer Vision. With such an invaluable piece of information, every serious-minded researcher should be able to sail through even the most challenging deep learning interview.

What does the book offer?

Essentially, "Deep Learning Job Interviews" comes with several different chapters which are broken down into several sections including Introduction, Problems, and Solutions. You can expect each question or problem in this volume to be clear, practical and entirely relevant to the subject. Speaking of which, the problems in this book are divided into two parts namely conceptual and application — the former is aimed at testing and improving your knowledge of basic underlying concepts while the latter is targeted at practicing or applying what you've learnt (most of which are relevant to Python and PyTorch). The Formulas section also turns out to very helpful — it lets you in on a list of mathematical and statistical formulas you can use to find your way around certain questions.

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Do you have a deep /machine learning job interview?

Let me help.

Remember, the big idea is to brainstorm and figure out a way to tackle the problems (regardless of how challenging they may be). But of course, if you ever find yourself stuck on one spot, you can quickly take a look at the fully detailed Solutions section. And once you do this, don't just memorise but rather internalise the ideas and understand the steps taken towards the solution. This is precisely what makes you invaluable!

At this point, we can't possibly emphasize just how rich and informational "Deep Learning Job Interviews" is, but we can boldly say that it's a must-have for data scientists looking to apply for jobs in the field of Deep Learning. And if you ever want to learn more and fire yourself up for your next Deep Learning job interview, we'll recommend you get yours today!


 Are You Switching Careers Into Data Science / Deep Learning ?

Are you worried about an upcoming interview? Perhaps you’re getting interviews but no offers? Want to be fully confident when answering the toughest AI interview questions?

If you are looking to pursue a career in the booming field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this book and our services are designed for you. Using this book you can sharpen your applied mathematics for artificial intelligence and focus your learning curve on understanding the heart of deep learning algorithms.

Are you graduating from a Master’s programme  in Artificial Intelligence ?

Interviews AI is passionate about helping first-time job seekers make the shift from the academia to employment and help you Implement neural network models in Python and PyTorch. We recognise the data science job market has changed beyond recognition and finding that first position is more competitive than ever. Recent graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in this field, learning Python and PyTorch and need an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of artificial intelligence will find this book extremely valuable.

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deep learning interviews

Who is it for?

As a growing field of research, you can find artificial intelligence programs at leading universities around the world. One of the scientific community’s key objectives is educating researchers to build deep learning based intelligent systems. The book explores and builds on this challenge, will you? It is intended for recent graduates, and those already working, with a strong grounding in mathematics, good imagination and creativity and an appreciation for data. It is hand-tailored to give you the best possible preparation to deep learning job interviews with 250 fully solved questions.

Masters  in Artificial Intelligence

Sounds good?

Interviews AI provides the opportunity to explore a range of topics allowing you the freedom to develop your study pathway to reflect your interests including Computer Vision, Information Theory, Logistic Regression, PyTorch, Probability, Calculus, Bayesian Inference, Data Science, Deep and Machine Learning. Deep Learning Job Interviews will be published soon on iBooks, Amazon etc., and copies will ship in late 2019.