screening an AI expert for your startup

Screen an AI expert in Classification

Screen an AI expert in Classification

(If you are a candidate take a look here: Personal one-on-one Job Interview Coaching.)

You need to screen deep learning candidates but don't have the know-how?  With our new service, you can hire us to interview the candidates for you. Why settle on anything less than the best?  

The high demand for specialized AI talent coupled with the painfully low supply means that companies need to adopt fundamentally different recruiting strategies.

Therefore, we offer a boutique screening service, solely focused on helping you interviewing top-tier professionals within the Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning domains. Since we are exclusively targeting talent in the AI domain, we are experts in screening candidates in this space.

Screen an AI expert in Object Detection

Screen an AI expert in Object Detection

How does it work?

  1. You provide a job requirement and we discuss what you need.

  2. Using the candidate’s CV, we prepare a tailor made screening process which consists of a face to face interview with technical questions, a deep learning exam, and a home assignment (usually PyTorch/Tensorflow/Keras).

  3. We then evaluate the candidate and prepare a full report for you, including the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.

  4. Finally you can decide whether to hire your candidate.

Our typical candidate screening fees are 600€ for the whole process.

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