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Deep Learning Job Interview Questions book

Deep Learning Interviews

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Are Deep Learning Interview Questions Stopping You From Getting The Job? Interviews AI has helped numerous scientists get the jobs they really wanted.


Becoming a deep learning researcher.

It is a journey that starts with the purchase of a GPU and the installation of Deep Learning library such as PyTorch or Keras. But this is only the beginning. Deep Learning libraries are so good that little interaction with the researcher is needed to get a properly running machine learning pipeline working. But this is where many people end their quest for artificial intelligence knowledge and pronounce that they are Data Scientists. And then they start interviewing. And here is usually the end of the story, repeatedly being rejected by interviewers.

But there can be so much more.

There is so much to be learned to become a real researcher and succeed in a deep learning job interview, but little of the important stuff is written down in a condensed manner. A typical data science blog is the perfect summation of this lacking strategy today. Few hours of scrolling but no real depth. Everything looks the same.


This volume on the other hand, aims to be comprehensive, and to that end comprises practically all the terms of modern Data Science and Deep Learning. This makes a remarkably hefty number of topics. No singular work has yet been published in which these subjects are collectively compiled; nor could a knowledge of such topics be obtained but by the consultation of many and expensive writings.

It has consequently been the objective of the author to compress all the interesting information to within a narrow compass, and at the same time to render this information as thoroughly and technically as possible to reflect the true nature of a job interview. To this end, the focus of the book lies primarily on developing an understanding of the principles and concepts underlying practical data science.

Clearness and depth, comprehensiveness and precision, guided me while writing this volume. This book has been designed primarily for the use of prospective job seeker in the fields of machine and deep learning whose abilities reach or approach some- thing like what is usually described as STEM track. I hope that it may be useful to other classes of readers, but it is this class whose wants I have considered first. It is in any case a book for engineers, mathematicians computer science graduate and the like: I have nowhere made any attempt to meet the needs of students of other disciplines or indeed any class of students whose interests are not primarily mathematical.

I regard the book as being complete and I have done my best to avoid the inclusion of anything that involves really unnecessary ideas.

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Do you have a deep /machine learning job interview?

Let me help.

Many researchers come to me when they’ve been offered an interview for a job they’re really keen to get. Typically we spend 3 hours on an interview coaching session which starts with a deep learning mock exam for that job, then general feedback, then a discussion of each question developing a stronger answer based on the client’s experience.

We deliver an interview coaching programme that is personal to you, your career history, and the scientific competencies you'll need to demonstrate to get the job.


Are You Switching Careers Into Data Science / Deep Learning ?

Are you worried about an upcoming interview? Perhaps you’re getting interviews but no offers? Want to be fully confident when answering the toughest AI interview questions?

If you are looking to pursue a career in the booming field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this book and our services are designed for you. Using this book you can sharpen your applied mathematics for artificial intelligence and focus your learning curve on understanding the heart of deep learning algorithms.

Are you graduating from a Master’s programme  in Artificial Intelligence ?

Interviews AI is passionate about helping first-time job seekers make the shift from the academia to employment and help you Implement neural network models in Python and PyTorch. We recognise the data science job market has changed beyond recognition and finding that first position is more competitive than ever. Recent graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in this field, learning Python and PyTorch and need an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of artificial intelligence will find this book extremely valuable.

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Who is it for?

As a growing field of research, you can find artificial intelligence programs at leading universities around the world. One of the scientific community’s key objectives is educating researchers to build deep learning based intelligent systems. The book explores and builds on this challenge, will you? It is intended for recent graduates, and those already working, with a strong grounding in mathematics, good imagination and creativity and an appreciation for data. It is hand-tailored to give you the best possible preparation to deep learning job interviews with 250 fully solved questions.

Masters  in Artificial Intelligence

Sounds good?

Interviews AI provides the opportunity to explore a range of topics allowing you the freedom to develop your study pathway to reflect your interests including Computer Vision, Information Theory, Logistic Regression, PyTorch, Probability, Calculus, Bayesian Inference, Data Science, Deep and Machine Learning. Deep Learning Job Interviews will be published soon on iBooks, Amazon etc., and copies will ship in late 2019.