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Deep Learning job Interviews and coaching

Deep Learning Interview coaching

I’ve helped numerous job seekers get the jobs they really wanted. Now I want to help you do the same.


Are you graduating from a Master’s programme  in Artificial Intelligence ?

Interviews AI is passionate about helping first-time job seekers make the shift from the academia to employment and help you Implement algorithms based on state-of-the-art machine learning and neural network models.

We recognise the data science job market has changed beyond recognition and finding that first position is more competitive than ever.

Recent graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in this field and need an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of artificial intelligence will find this book and our coaching services extremely valuable.

Are You Switching Careers Into Data Science / Deep Learning ?

Are you worried about an upcoming interview? Perhaps you’re getting interviews but no offers? Want to be fully confident when answering the toughest AI interview questions?

If you are looking to pursue a career in the booming field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this book and our services are designed for you. Using this book and our expert 1-2-1 Interview coaching, you can sharpen your applied mathematics for artificial intelligence and focus your learning curve on understanding the heart of deep learning algorithms.

deep learning interview questions and answers

You have a deep learning job interview?

Let me help.

Many researchers come to me when they’ve been offered an interview for a job they’re really keen to get. Typically we spend 3 hours on an interview coaching session which starts with a deep learning mock exam for that job, then general feedback, then a discussion of each question developing a stronger answer based on the client’s experience.

We deliver an interview coaching programme that is personal to you, your career history, and the scientific competencies you'll need to demonstrate to get the job.

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Who is it for?

As a growing field of research, you can find artificial intelligence programs at leading universities around the world. One of the scientific community’s key objectives is educating researchers to build deep learning based intelligent systems.

The book explores and builds on this challenge, will you? It is intended for recent graduates, and those already working, with a strong grounding in mathematics, good imagination and creativity and an appreciation for data. It is hand-tailored to give you the best possible preparation to deep learning job interviews with 250 fully solved questions.

deep learning job interviews book

Sounds good?

Interviews AI provides the opportunity to explore a range of topics allowing you the freedom to develop your study pathway to reflect your interests including Computer Vision, Information Theory, Probability,Calculus, Bayesian Inference, Data Science, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning.

Deep Learning Job Interview Questions, will be published soon on iBooks, Amazon and many more. Copies will ship in 2019. In the meantime, a digital “rough cut” is available via Here.