Masters & Doctoral degree programs in Artificial Intelligence
Masters & Doctoral degree programs in Artificial Intelligence

Masters & Doctoral degree programs in Artificial Intelligence:


  1. The Machine Learning MSc at UCL

  2. Computer Vision, Robotics and Machine Learning MSc at Surrey

  3. Artificial Intelligence MSc at QMUL

  4. Artificial Intelligence, MSc at Aberdden

  5. MSc Artificial Intelligence at KCL


  1. The Master's programme in AI at Amsterdam


  1. Master's programme in Machine Learning at KTH


  1. Machine Learning (MSc) University of Tübingen 

Recommended Deep Learning courses:

  1. I have been asked many times what is the best way to learn PyTorch. Except for writing Kaggle Kernels 24 hours a day and attending my meetups ... IMHO this is the best online resource for learning PyTorch. Two different courses are available, one for v0.3 and one for v0.4. Highly recommended.

  2. CS 598 LAZ: Cutting-Edge Trends in Deep Learning and Recognition, stands out as one of the best I have seen so far:

  3. Basic ML algorithms and deep neural networks with PyTorch

  4. PyTorch course at FastCampus and on Github

Recommended (and free) Deep Learning Book:

  1. Dive into Deep Learning, An interactive deep learning book with code, math, and discussions. A free 649 pages-long PDF, available here: